Crimson Traditional Tattoos by Giacomo Sei Dita

Crimson Traditional Tattoos by Giacomo Sei Dita

Old school aesthetics for the bad girls and boys.

Giacomo Sei Dita (also known as 6dita) is a tattoo artist from Italy who specializes in traditional tattooing. He is a resident artist at Inkamatik tattoo shop in Trieste. The tattoos of Giacomo Sei Dita use two tones, black and red. Yet, they are not minimalistic at all. On the contrary, their composition is usually quite complex.

His tattoos use a lot of references from traditional codes, as well as esoteric art, such as tarot cards and religion. His symbols tell mysterious stories and give a fine art aspect to these cool designs. If you enjoy seeing red, then the work of Giacomo Sei Dita is for you.

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Gil Elvgren pin-up tattoo by Giacomo Sei Dita #GiacomoSeiDita #traditional #redink #blackwork #gilelvgren #pinup #rose #skull

All pictures are from Giacomo Sei Dita's Instagram.

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