Crisp Neo Traditional Blackwork by Joel Spiteri

Crisp Neo Traditional Blackwork by Joel Spiteri

The depth and detail in these tattoos are insane.

Bringing two contemporary styles together, Joel Spiteri is an artist to admire. 

The Australian tattoo scene is packed full of incredible artists and tattoo talent, styles like Japanese, traditional, and neo traditional are all pushed to new levels in the land down under and in large part it's thanks to artists like Joel Spiteri. The Freemantle based tattooer brings together both blackwork and neo traditional into one awesome design and the results are truly beautiful. Spiteri has taken the best of two styles and created his own in the process. 

Finding their feet with flawless shading and linework the designs of Spiteri sit at the very top of contemporary tattooing and are something we all want to see more of. You only have to look at the first few tattoos below to fall in love with Spiteri's style.

Make sure to follow Joel on Instagram so you don't miss any of his future work.

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