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Crying Heart Tattoos...Cuz Heartbreak Friggin Hurts.

Crying Heart Tattoos...Cuz Heartbreak Friggin Hurts.

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This collection of crying heart tattoos is for all the people out there who have had their love torn into tiny little bits.

If you haven't had your heart broken, smashed to bits, and then had the pieces put through a meat grinder...then we'd probably question if you're actually human. True, perhaps there are a lucky few out there who have not experienced the pure torture of heartbreak...but most people on the face of the planet can totally resonate with these crying heart tattoos. We're often asked about the meaning of different designs or concepts, but we feel like this is pretty straight forward. Salty tears drip from these iconic shapes in an homage to all of the love that is lost forever.

The crying heart tattoo is definitely an iconic piece...with this collection we tried to grab a few that are exemplary of the traditional style, while balancing it out with artists who have done this old school design with a bit of a spin. Cuz let's face it...sometimes you have to reinvent the wheel. Especially when it comes to love. Did you know that there are around 97 million songs out there? And of course, new ones pop up everyday...but at least 60% of those are love songs...that's about 58 million different love songs! Personally, we feel that Brian McKnight and Whitney Houston have done it best...what would the world be without "I Will Always Love You" and "Back at One"?

Like we said, if you're one of the people out there who has never felt heartbreak, you're either very fortunate...or you've never experienced true love...which is sort of a bummer. Cuz although heartbreak friggin hurts, love enriches life like nothin' else. We're pretty sure these crying heart tattoos are a reminder that the chances of getting your heart broken are pretty high, but so are your chances of finding someone, or many people, that share your passion for adoration and infatuation.

Written byTattoodo

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