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Cult Classic Portraits by Steve Wimmer

Cult Classic Portraits by Steve Wimmer

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Grab your popcorn and settle in for some truly astounding tattoos from the silver screen.

It used to be that actors finally knew that they had "made it" in Hollywood once they landed a starring role and saw their name on a movie marquis. That's so passé. The new standard of "making it" is determined by some fan getting an insanely realistic tattoo of your image, in character, on their skin forever. And when it comes to these tattoos there are few better artists to turn to than Steve Wimmer. 

Wimmer works his magic out of a private studio located in San Diego, California. The way that Wimmer brings out the tiniest little details — the reflection from Lord Vader's helmet, the furrows in Dracula's brow — is a true testament to his skill with a tattoo machine.

Part of the fun of being a movie fan is seeing the way the same character is attacked by two different actors. We get just as much joy seeing the different ways that Wimmer portrays Dracula. 

This gallery of terrific tattoos by Steve Wimmer — with an assist from the crisp fall weather — has inspired us to get under the covers to binge watch all of these amazing movies (and Breaking Bad)! We're not coming out of the bedroom unless we're booking a trip to San Diego to see Wimmer in person for a tattoo of our very own. Until then we'll keep tabs on his portfolio by checking his Instagram. 

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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