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Cut Through The Crap: Sharp Dagger Tattoos

Cut Through The Crap: Sharp Dagger Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Those adorned with dagger tattoos let the world know that they don't take any crap, cutting down the haters one by one.

Dagger tattoos could symbolize many things, but we like to think that those tattooed with such an indicative design of violence may be down to cut out all the bullshit of life just so they can live as authentically as possible. Are we, perhaps, looking too much into it? Of course. We do that often, but who cares! Isn't it better to find meaning, than to ignore what may be a deep metaphor for the secrets of life? We assume if you say no, then you must be a Nihilist...but we digress! Dagger tattoos! We got em. Check em out.

Perhaps they are an iconic design motif because they are a simple object that can easily be put into a bigger tattoo as a detail, or because even on their own they are classic, and timeless. Dagger tattoos can easily integrate nature like roses or leaves, thorns are especially appropriate we feel...or they can look super deadly with skulls and drops of blood flowing from their blades. It all kind of depends on what you want your piece to say, right? If you want your dagger tattoo to say "Don't f*** with me." we'd probably suggest lots of blood splatters.

Drops of tears, blood, or sweat, we're sure that these dagger tattoos will inspire you for your next piece. If you need any help finding an artist definitely let us know, and check out our app to find even more inspirational works of art to get your mind a runnin. Perhaps you'd prefer a medieval sword fit for torturing your enemies? Or a slim switchblade that recalls the likes of Marlon Brando or James Dean...sweet swaggering switchblade carryin' heroes of the '50s. Or maybe you just want a cute lil letter opener bedazzled with jewels. Whatever it may be, we promise we've got it.

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