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Cute and Creepy Black and Grey Tattoos by Chris Block

Cute and Creepy Black and Grey Tattoos by Chris Block

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There's nothing that doesn't look amazing in different shades of black and grey.

Chris Block's portfolio is not filled with your average, run-of-the-mill tattoo ideas. There's tattoos for those who prefer the creepier things in life, and tattoos for those that choose the realism style, but prefer their imagery in black and grey rather than in color. He's been fortunate to have clients with varied interests and ideas to which he has applied his artistic talents brilliantly.

Black and grey skull tattoo by Chris Block. #blackandgrey #realism #skull #ChrisBlock

Something as simple as two single dots of ink in the eyes of a pet portrait instantly connects you with the dog, while the dark black recesses of an eye socket draw you into the depths of death. It's with techniques such as these that Chris Block is able to straddle the line of cute and creepy in his work. 

Woman and skull tattoo by Chris Block. #blackandgrey #realism #woman #face #skull #ChrisBlock

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