Cute & Colorful Tattoos by Pomme

Cute & Colorful Tattoos by Pomme

Awww! These tattoos from Pomme's portfolio are beyond adorable.

Pomme's tattoos are some of the cutest in the world. She specializes in all things cuddly, and the sheer adorableness of her new school style has the power to give anybody puppy dog eyes. Here are a few of her tattoos to make your heart swell. 

What makes Pomme's tattoos so cute is her use of bold lines that make the pleasant color scheme of each one pop. The colors that she uses are all warm and vibrant, and the lack of heavy black shading fills each of her images with a happy light. 

We hope these happy little tattoos made you fell better about life, because holy guacamole indeed. If you want to have your heart warmed some more, check out more of Pomme's work on her Instagram. She tattoos at Funhouse Tattoo in Metz, France if you want your own unbelievably adorable piece of body art.

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