Cute & Colorful Watercolor Animals by Katie Shocrylas

Cute & Colorful Watercolor Animals by Katie Shocrylas

Eleven Electrifying Technicolor Beauties

Have you ever wished for a Lisa Frank inspired tattoo, only to decide later on that maybe it’s just a tad too juvenile for you? Have you ever wished for a rainbow tattoo that was just a bit more age appropriate? Well, you can thank your lucky rainbow stars, all your prayers have been answered. Artist Katie Shocrylas out of Vancouver, British Columbia is here to make all your cotton candy dreams come true.

Tattooing in a neo-traditional fashion, Shocrylas favors electrifying colors. Using shocking blues, yellows, pinks, and purples, consider her the grown up, more refined version of Lisa Frank. With a penchant for animals, her work mainly consists of incredibly ornate animal portraits, depicting cats as pharaohs, a lion with a feathered fedora, and even a dog with a bowtie and sunglasses. Often abstract and geometric, Shocrylas’ rainbow portraits are almost kaleidoscopic in nature, featuring faceting and linear elements. With a true element of artistry, and a talent for gradients, her work is both fun and funky without being kitschy, cute without being cutesy. Shocrylas has found the perfect middle ground between childlike wonder and creativity and matured craftsmanship.

You can see more of Shocrylas’ work on her Instagram.

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