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Cute Food Tattoos by Hollie West

Cute Food Tattoos by Hollie West

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Enjoy your favorite food every single day without the guilt - or the calories!

Food - we all have to eat it in order to live. However, some people love particular foods so much that they want them tattooed on their skin.  

Life is pretty peachy - just like this tattoo by Hollie West. #traditional #food #peach #fruit #HollieWest

When Hollie West isn't creating voluptuous pin up ladies from Indigo Tattoo in Norwich, she's feeding her clients' tattoo (and food) addictions with these cute food tattoos.

Still hungry? These cute 11 Yummy & Delightful Food Tattoos by Jina are sure to satiate your appetite!

Strawberries and cream tattoo by Hollie West. #cute #food #pastel #strawberry #cream #traditional #HollieWest

All photos from Instagram.

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