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Cute Pig Tattoos to Celebrate the Year of the Pig!

Cute Pig Tattoos to Celebrate the Year of the Pig!

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These pig tattoos are festive reminders of the 2019 Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Pig!

We're over here still celebrating the Chinese New Year with festive fireworks, feasts, and, of course, adorable pig tattoos. 2019 is the Year of the Pig, and we've done a little research to see what that means for everyone. And although, admittedly many of these pig tattoos are actually an ode to veganism, we figured they'd do just fine to show all the attributes of piggys that we just love. Most of these pieces show off their soft pink skin, the curious glint in their eye, and a smile...because after seeing "Babe" of "Winnie the Pooh", no one could argue with the fact that pigs are some of the sweetest and smartest animals out there.

Believe it or not, behind all these pig tattoos is a smart little creature...pigs are actually smarter than dogs. And although they get a bad wrap for being lazy, and dirty, this is actually partly due to the way humans have domesticated them. We fatten them up, stick them in factory farms, and they have nothing to do but sit there and roll around in mud to cool off! Sort of unfair...especially considering these kiddos are so smart, they're better at video games than primates. Scientists have clocked their average intelligence to be about the same as a 3 year old child!

Sooo...considering all that info above, you can only imagine what the Chinese zodiac Pig really stands for....born with leadership qualities, Pigs get the job done...especially because they love to enjoy all the finer things of life. In some of these pig tattoos you can see that they are paired with wonderful aspects of nature, which totally makes sense because people born in the Year of the Pig are deeply gratified by natural beauty. They also love family, adventure, and excitement! Gong hay fat choy!

Written byTattoodo

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