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Cuts to the Quick: Barbed Wire Tattoos

Cuts to the Quick: Barbed Wire Tattoos

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These barbed wire tattoos are as bad ass as the artists who tattoo them, and the clients who wear them.

What is it about old school tattoos that resonates with us so completely? It's possible that it's the history, the decades that make up almost over a century of design motifs that have been used time and time again. It could also be the power of the iconography; how brutal these barbed wire tattoos look is a testament to that. Sometimes life cuts to the quick, it can be painful...barbed wire tattoos are like embracing the pain of life with a hard as nails outlook: freedom at all costs.

Barbed wire is meant to keep you out of places that are probably wrongly protected (think: animal testing sites), or in: think about prisons of all kinds. It's meant to make you give up, and getting a barbed wire tattoo on your body is almost like a big f*** you to that sort of mentality. A brand new Tattoodo Ambassador, we're super stoked to have Tine DeFiore on our team because each of Tine's tattoos is enhanced by it's authenticity and emotional rawness. Take for instance Tine's barbed wire tattoo included in this collection. The wire is delicately gracing the clients shoulders with the added words, "soft creature, harsh world". It's that sort of honesty and use of symbology through design motif that makes incredible tattoos.

Old school, traditional, illustrative, and blackwork tattoos make up this collection of barbed wire tattoos. It may not be your thing, but it's clear that this trend echos the feelings and aesthetics of many people out there. We hope that these pieces inspire you, or at least introduce you to awesome artists that may be able to give you exactly what you were looking for. The beautiful thing about tattoos and artists is that they each have their own style and's just about finding the one that matches yours!

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