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Cybernetic Blackwork Tattoos by Georgie Williams

Cybernetic Blackwork Tattoos by Georgie Williams

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Georgie Williams uses blackwork to turn people into walking, talking computer chips.

Have you ever been staring down a PC, looked down at all the beautiful circuitry sprawling along the green silicon chips, and thought, "I, too, want to be a monolithic integrated circuit?" Well, look no further, because Georgie Williams has created a distinct cybernetic blackwork aesthetic that takes after the innards of all the electronics we use on a daily basis. 

There's a lot of boundary-pushing blackwork being produced these days, but none of it looks quite like Williams'. Her style occupies an unusual liminal space between the biomechanical and ornamental styles. By combining various stippled and fully saturated geometric figures, she transforms her clientele into futuristic masterpieces, making them look almost like androids or mecha.

Aside from their experimental aesthetic, another aspect of Williams' tattoos that makes them so impressive is the precision with which she renders them. Though some of them are minimal as can be, each of her circuits has a subtle and flawless complexity to it, making it rather mesmerizing to take in. They're almost like mazes that the viewer can get lost in.   

To see more of Williams' cybernetic blackwork, visit her Instagram. If you want one of her beautiful circuits on your body, she is currently working throughout Europe and can be contacted at for booking. 

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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