Cyril Matusevich's Radical Hold on Realism

Cyril Matusevich's Radical Hold on Realism

This Russian tattooist is a master at creating stunning realism that jumps off the skin.

When an artist can rock realistic representational work, everyone pauses and has to ooh and awe. The ability, in any medium, to capture a subject realistically is its own special skill set, and deserves homage. Russian artist Cyril Matusevich really rocks out the realism, and even tosses his own painterly style into the mix. Matusevich obviously has a firm grasp of realistic rendering, and knows how to tell a story with each tattoo. 

Matusevich even utilizes some more surreal forms of layering to connect the themes within his large works. Scales vary, things zoom in and out, elements from other motifs come into play, all creating what essentially look like old school movie posters. 

It's nice to see human features coming out of a darkly shaded image, looking like the character they're meant to portray, while also having Matusevich's hand as an artist present. It doesn't look like someone grafted a photo onto his client's skin, per se, but it does look like Matusevich was commissioned to take a brush and some oil paint to interpret his subjects at hand. The end result is somehow classic and new age at the same time — a nice, modern feat. 

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His tattoos aren't devoid of black line, but there's no sharp edge. This lack of black line around his content removes the normally cartoonified outline other styles have, further emphasizing his tattoos soft, oil-painting-esque feel. 

Check out Matusevich's Instagram for more incredible work. There's also a lot of talented work coming out of the studio he works for, Odin Tattoo.

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