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Dainty Watercolor Floral Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

Dainty Watercolor Floral Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

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12 Vibrant and Airy Flowers That Are Full of Life

Painterly watercolor floral tattoos have taken the world by storm, and just like daisies in the springtime, they seem to be popping up everywhere. But it takes a true artistic talent to really make the best out of this unique style. Artist Amanda Wachob has what it takes and then some.

Based out of Brooklyn, Wachob’s work takes on an ethereal lightness, as her pieces seem to float atop the skin, rather than sink into it. With a delicate hand and painterly strokes that mimic the work of a brush, her flowers are vibrant, airy, and full of life. Illustrative in nature, the petals, leaves, roots, and stems are Wachob’s stunning contribution to the age old argument of whether or not tattoos are considered art, and gazing at her work, there’s truly no other name for it: artistry at its finest.

You can see more of Wachob's work here.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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