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Dali Tattoos: An Homage to the Surrealist Master

Dali Tattoos: An Homage to the Surrealist Master

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Master of the Surrealist movement, and perhaps one of the most well-known painters ever, these Dali tattoos will have you awe struck.

Perhaps there is a painter none so famous or well-known as the illustrious and avant-garde Salvador Dali. Just as acclaimed for his incredible paintings as he was for his strange and outlandish behavior, these Dali tattoos not only show some of his more noted works of art, but also some gorgeous hyperrealist portrait tattoos. No matter what, Dali tattoos highlight some of the best parts of the Surrealist art movement: it's uncanny way to show reality in a whole new light, it's often mystifying symbolism and psychedelic turns. Even some of these Dali portrait tattoos give a whole new meaning to "third eye"...

These Dali tattoos also hint at the history of this intrinsic piece of art history. Born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain in 1904 his life is colored by famous friends, strange events, and, of course, his deeply held connection to wife and muse, Gala Dali. Apparently, at the end of their lives, he bought her a castle to which she would withdraw to for weeks on end, causing Dali a great deal of suffering. His fears of abandonment and overall obsessive attachment to Gala basically made him ill...however, others attribute this illness to the legend of the near-senile Gala giving Dali an cocktail of dangerous, and unprescribed, medication in the last years of their life. Whatever it was, Dali was plagued by uncontrollable shaking at the end of his life, making creation difficult, if not impossible.

Dali finally succumbed to the afterlife in 1989. He is quoted as saying, "When you are a genius, you do not have the right to die, because we are necessary for the progress of humanity." And while his creation has finished, the artwork, such as these Dali tattoos, that he continues to inspire says much about what he was able to accomplish in life. If we could all only live so bravely....

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