Dallas Cowboys Fan Preemptively Gets 'Super Bowl 51 Champions' Tattoo

Dallas Cowboys Fan Preemptively Gets 'Super Bowl 51 Champions' Tattoo

It's a huge risk for a tattoo, but if this risk pays off, he's going to look like a soothsayer.

What the hell is wrong with people? This story seems to be a trend that just won't go away. People are preemptively getting tattoos that their favorite sports team will win a championship, it's just absolutely insane.

Dallas Cowboys fans are a particular breed of insane though. Their rabid fanbase is hungry for a championship, and their fans are elated that the Cowboys currently hold the NFL's best record. It's pushed some fans over the edge, like this dude.

That's right. You are reading that correctly. Dallas Cowboys fan Jordan Garnett got a tattoo that is predicting the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year. Many people think this will doom the team to losing in the playoffs, but I must admit, getting a tattoo like this has worked out before.

Honestly, this tattoo isn't that bad though, in terms of being able to correct the errors if the Cowboys do indeed lose this year. All Garnett needs to do is add another "I" to make it relevant for next year, and adding yet another "I" will make it relevant for the year after that. 

Garnett has a three-year window to make this tattoo worth it, so he better hope Dallas stays relevant and a contender.

Kudos for Garnett for having the cojones to get this tattoo, but I would highly recommend getting a tattoo AFTER your team wins the championship. Mostly because shops usually give a celebratory discount to their patrons when that happens.

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