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Damian Gorski Brings Realism to Life in Vivid Color and Black and Grey

Damian Gorski Brings Realism to Life in Vivid Color and Black and Grey

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Every piece of Damian Gorski is visually arresting in vibrancy and originality making him one of the best realism artists out there.

I have a particular love for realism tattoos that go beyond just looking like an exact photo. Damian Gorski often takes incredibly original compositions that are somewhat surreal, and sometimes quite dark, and blends them into hyper real portraits that look flawless in line and color. 

You can really feel the emotion in this little girl's tears. Tattoo by Gorsky Tattoos. #DamianGorski #GorskyTattoos #colorrealism #realism #hyperrealism #tears #girl

Gorski manages to create stunningly beautiful pieces of work that would even make tattoo haters say wow...because no one can deny this guy has a lot of talent and creativity. 

Excellent precision in this tattoo and killer shading on the face too. Tattoo by Gorsky Tattoos. #DamianGorski #GorskyTattoos #colorrealism #realism #hyperrealism #geometric #pattern

He is a seasoned tattoo artist at European conventions in Warsaw, Berlin and London to name a few and has an extensive portfolio to feast your eyes on. 

You can find all Damian Gorski's work on Facebook under the name Gorsky Tattoos. 

Sarah Calavera
Written bySarah Calavera

Skull obsessed tattoo fanatic, writer for Tattoodo, voice actor and visual artist who loves metal and headbanging. Inspired by Neil Gaiman, Tool, horror & the macabre.

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