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Dancing in the Moonlight: Magical Moon Tattoos

Dancing in the Moonlight: Magical Moon Tattoos

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Some people have their head in the clouds, and with these moon tattoos, maybe they can come down to Earth just for a moment.

4.6 billion years ago Earth's moon was born...and about 4.6 billion years after that tattooing was born, as were these gorgeous moon tattoos. The power of the moon is undeniable; it controls the tides, some people say it controls women's cycles, and even others say that nights with full moons are sure to bring wild and crazy times. Many of these moon tattoos have faces, which may be due to the fact that the same side of the moon is always facing Earth...and it looks like there is, indeed, a face within its stony exterior. With all that alone time, the man in the moon sure as hell would be totally stir crazy...full moon or not.

Pink Floyd tattoos may actually be as popular as moon tattoos, but believe it or not the dark side of the moon doesn't exist. Although both sides of the moon receive the same amount of light from the sun, and since we only see the one side perhaps we always thought that whatever we can't see must be bathed in darkness. Humans are so silly....although the moon revolves around the Earth, the Earth certainly doesn't revolve around us...but thats okay. Moon tattoos will keep us happy until we can buy tickets to see the real deal in person.

Only 12 people have been on the moon, all Americans. In 1959 the Soviet Lunar Program sent an unmanned spaceship to the moon, and then in 1969 Apollo 11 followed suit with humans. Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot there, and because you only weigh about 1/6th of your weight on Earth as you do on the moon, Neil was able to bounce around all willy nilly before putting the famous American flag into the moon dust. Moon tattoos are beautiful, full of history, and a really great design for literally anyone.

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