Daniel Teixeira's Engraved Portraits

Daniel Teixeira's Engraved Portraits

These creative tattoos will bring you back to the days of engraved portraiture.

Pull out a dollar bill. Have a look at the president's face — unless you're a baller and it's Ben Franklin on a 100 or Hamilton on a 10, but you know what we mean —  that is on whatever bill you chose to pull out. Notice how there are little lines and wrinkles that are all over their faces? That's what is known as an engraved portrait. It's meant to look like a reproduced image that was created using a metal plate, and stamped against a piece of paper, which gave it that certain look.

Daniel Teixeira has taken engraved portraits to another level. He's taken the concept, and recreated the look for tattoos. He's able to accurately recreate the lines across the faces, to give it that "reproduced" look.

It's because of tattoos like these that Golden Heart Tattoo in Portugal is lucky to call Teixeira one of their artists. He's got a real knack for creating some heady, surreal tattoos that will blow your mind in terms of look and idea.

Forget the presidents we were talking about earlier, wouldn't it be way cooler to see a Frida Kahlo with a third eye on the $20? Or some dude with a face on top of his head? Since Teixeira already has that style down, we should just commission him to give our money a facelift. 

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