Dank Meme Tattoos of 2016

Dank Meme Tattoos of 2016

People have taken it upon themselves to get some dank ass meme tattoos.

If living through the year 2016 has taught us anything, it's that we need a lot of distractions from the internet in order for us to make it through this pointless, meaningless existence. Something that can take our minds off the fact that we're all failing at our dreams, stuck at dead-end jobs, and were never meant for greatness. What better way to take our minds off the fact that almost all of us are extraordinarily average people than internet memes?

Memes are simple, little trends in online activity that have been shown to be able to distract us, as well as get a movement going. The Internet is a powerful tool and shit-posters and trolls have a lot more influence on the world and people's worldviews than we give them credit for.

With that, people have actually gotten tattoos of some of the most popular memes of this year, despite their relatively short shelf life. These people will remember the dank memes of 2016 forever.

From Harambe all the way to "Damn Daniel," people have gotten tattoos of these semi-memorable moments in internet history. Though we may forget about these memes in the near future, these people will never forget them.

It remains to be seen what memes will grace our eyes in 2017, but I'm sure we'll all have a few laughs over them and hastily forget them. But I'm also certain that people out there will get those memes tattooed on their body as well, so we'll have to see what's up with it next year.

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