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Dan’s Mystical, Nature Inspired Tattoos

Dan’s Mystical, Nature Inspired Tattoos

Tattoo Artists3 min Read

The young, Seoul-based tattooer’s love of nature finds its way into her elegant blackwork

Made in partnership with SK-II, spotlighting female tattooers in Korea who embody the spirit of their #changedestiny #INeverExpire campaign. Watch the Expiry Date video.

Even with the cultural biases and illegality of tattooing in Korea, Dan keeps going thanks to the support of her family and her girlfriend. When her family first saw her tattoos and heard of her new profession they were initially alarmed and worried. “When my parents saw that I wasn’t living for money but working because it made me happy, they said, ‘I had a dream too when I was young, but now I live bogged with reality and having forgotten the dream. But when I see you realizing your dream and you are happy even when you are exhausted, I feel as if I have achieved my own dream and am so happy,’” Dan explains. “My parents’ words made me happier than anything.” Dan also gets support from her girlfriend Hana, who will take her on dates to the botanical garden and give her books that may inspire her.

“The tattoo is my family and friend. So what if it’s a secret or is dangerous with the law?” Dan proclaims. “Since it’s no different than my family, I have to be with it always.” 

자연으로부터 영감을 받는 댄의 신비로운 타투 스타일

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