Daring Traditional Tattoos by Chingy Fringe

Daring Traditional Tattoos by Chingy Fringe

Dark colors and timeless designs make sick tattoos!

Chingy Fringe knows a thing or two about laying down killer traditional tattoos.

Whiskey Lane Tattoo Company is home to tattoo artist Chingy Fringe and his awesome old school tattoos. Encompassing that traditional style all old school tattoos need, Fringe's designs look awesome and his dark shading only adds to their killer look. Building the designs on gorgeous red, black and yellow shades, Fringe's style is a dark take on classic imagery and it works wonderfully, giving the finished design a timeless but daring look. 

An old school specialist, Fringe's tattoos jump off the skin and make you desperate for more. Thankfully we've got a sweet selection of his work right here! 

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