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Dark Art Tattoos For When the Dark Lord Calls

Dark Art Tattoos For When the Dark Lord Calls

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These totally brutal and evil dark art tattoos would make the dark lord himself giggle with glee...

So, clearly we're having a little trouble letting go of Halloween...we were feelin' a little dark and dirty, so we pulled out these pieces that we're sure will make the Day of the Dead stretch out just a bit longer! These Dark Art Tattoos are by some serious professionals who make demons look like a cinch. It may be because we love Halloween, and with the onset of's clear we're nearing one year closer to deaths door, or it could also be that the new Netflix tv show Sabrina is making us call to the witchy worlds beyond our white bread existence.

For real though, the artists who illustrate ink that totally freaks you out and makes you feel cold icy fingertips at the nape of your neck are seriously incredible. Even movies rely on certain horror tricks to make you jump out of your screechy violins and long eerie pauses...but these Dark Art Tattoos rely on nothin but the hard work and master craftsmanship that artists like Jeremiah Barba, Brando Chiesa, and others strive for. If these pieces don't make you feel weird inside...we gotta know your secret. Ghost stories and exorcisms still totally freak us out.

Speaking of Sabrina, a throwback not only to Archie Comics, but to the 90's hit Teenage witch, hits the nostalgia button super hard....sort of like the days of reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and then not being able to sleep at night. Visuals, like tattoos and television shows, and carefully selected words are really powerful things, especially when they access some of our most particular fears or nightmares. Although we threw the Courage the Cowardly Dog piece in as a joke, flaming goat demons and women with blood dripping down their mouths hopefully hit you in the creepy crawly feels in the best kinda way.

Written byTattoodo

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