Dark Black Illustrative Tattoos by Robert Borbas

Dark Black Illustrative Tattoos by Robert Borbas

These grim pieces of body art are as spectacular as they are spooky.

Robert Borbas produces excellent black illustrations of haunting imagery. He specializes in highly detailed fine line work as well as exquisite dot work, which enables him to create these visually stunning and highly unsettling depictions of creepy figures. Check out this killer sample of his spooky work.

Borbas' fine-lined approach to black tattooing is perfect for rendering heads of animals that are commonly associated with darker forms of mysticism like witchcraft and the occult. The way he borders some of these figures in elegant geometry or pairs them with dot work crescent moons brings out their breathtaking nocturnal aesthetic.

Sometimes looking at Borbas' work is like staring into the gaping maw of Hell itself, as seen in his neck tattoo of nasty teeth and bodysuit full of monsters. 

An incredibly uncanny humanoid cat demon with an exposed ribcage by Robert Borbas (IG—grindesign). #cat #dark #demon #illustrativeblackwork #RobertBorbas #skeleton

If you want to see more of Borbas' unsettling tattoos, creep on over to his Instagram. Also, he works around central Europe and can be reached atrobart.borbas@gmail.com if you want your very own dark piece of body art from him.

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