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Dark Realism and Surrealism by Sam Barber

Dark Realism and Surrealism by Sam Barber

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Tread no further if you aren't ready to embrace the macabre, Sam Barber's art is purely for the brave.

There couldn't be life without death, we all accept this. There are some of us that dwell on the darker side of that coin and while it may take a toll on the psyche this way of thinking produces some phenomenal art. Sam Barber's imagination clearly goes to some very unsettling places, and her steady hand produces absolutely mind-blowing tattoos that will leave you breathless.  

Barber's sick and twisted imagination springs to life in these creative tattoos. What makes so many of these terrifying is the subtlety Barber uses. Sure, everyone is scared of a psycho with a butcher's knife, but it takes real artistic skill to capture menace or fear in a simple look the way that Barber does throughout her portraiture. 

We hope you enjoyed this round up of the talented Sam Barber's most terrifying work. If you have the stomach for it we suggest checking out the rest of her portfolio here.

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Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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