Dark Realism & Surrealism by Andrey Stepanov

Dark Realism & Surrealism by Andrey Stepanov

Spellbinding subjects with captivating eyes

Realism is, at its core, incredibly attractive to the eye. Every minute detail draws the eye in and commands the onlooker’s attention. Artist Andrey Stepanov’s work is no exception to this rule. His realism is some of the most compelling in the industry today, but what sets him are two main factors: subtle yet intentional use of color and the incredible detail in his subject’s eyes.

Tattooing out of Samara, Russia, Stepanov’s work is surprisingly relatively unknown considering his level of talent. With a preference for dark colors and even darker subject matter, Stepanov’s work is a love letter to the sinister. Portraying subjects that are often thought of as villainous, his work is captivating. There are the obvious reasons: his amazing attention to detail and ability to tattoo seemingly anything, and his perfect use of color that perfectly punctuates the piece, and then there are the eyes. Hauntingly beautiful and utterly spellbinding, his subjects’ eyes seem to evoke a sense of emotion: hunger in the wolf, insanity in The Joker, and longing in Marilyn, each piece is truly breathtaking.

You can see more of Stepanov's sinister characters on his Instagram.

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