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Dark Surrealism by Benji "Roketlauncha" Ortega

Dark Surrealism by Benji "Roketlauncha" Ortega

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Realistic black and grey body art to haunt your dreams.

Benji "Roketlauncha" Ortega creates mind-blowing realistic mashups of black and grey imagery to create hair-raising surreal tattoos. His take on realism is shadowy, in the sense that it both toys with light and is decidedly on the darker spectrum on the style. He uses this approach to rendering picture-perfect depictions of all sorts of iconography, ranging from the beautiful to the downright terrifying. If you're into the more nightmarish end of the imagination, continue down this pitch-black path into his body of work, but be warned, his art can be considerably unsettling. 

Ortega's take on black and grey realism is one of the darkest in the world of tattoos. He creates his astoundingly lifelike figures through the use of extreme contrasting between negative space and more solidly filled-in portions, which makes it seem as if his figures are stepping out of the night into the faintest of light. Speaking of light, the way that he is able to visualizes its presence in his pieces is absolutely amazing as well as a testament to his skill as a tattooist. To put it simply, all of his tattoos are flawless as they are foreboding, making their bone-chilling subject matter seem almost too real.

While Ortega excels at illustrating almost any sort of imagery in a dark and realistic fashion, some of the motifs with which he works stand out for their refined qualities. His depictions of beautiful women are some of his best pieces of body art. Sometimes he draws their gorgeous looks into sharp focus, as seen in his piece featuring a lady in a masquerade mask, and at other times he situates them in a more horrific context, like the one with blood on her face or the one wearing a skull. 

If you'd like to venture into the darkness a bit further with Ortega's black and grey realism, then wander over to his Instagram. He works at Royal Tattoo Supply and Studio in Sydney, Australia should you want some of his haunting surrealism for yourself.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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