Dark Tattoos by The Insanely Badass Heather Bailey

Dark Tattoos by The Insanely Badass Heather Bailey

We love these little arcane masterpieces by this spellbinding tattooist.

Here are some enchanting, dark, traditional tattoos from the talented Heather Bailey. She specializes in illustrating gothic imagery like creatures of the night, demons, and witches. It's incredible how she's able to capture the spirit of Wicca through her work. Check out this sample of her tattoos that seem as if they were conjured up by black magic.

Bailey does excellent tattoos of beasts that are typically associated with the occult. Here we see fantastic examples of her wolves, bats, and goats. Her disembodied hands are also as exquisite as they are spooky. 

Bailey's illustrations of ladies are spellbinding. Whether pinups or lady heads, her depictions of women always subvert the male gaze with their dark themes, like burning at the stake or bathing in their own bubbling cauldrons. 

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We hope you found Bailey's tattoos as bewitching as we did. If you want to see more of it, creep on over to her Instagram. She works at Black Heart Tattoo in San Fransisco, CA, if you would like a superb piece of grim body art. She's basically the Hecate of traditional tattoos.

If you already have some ghastly body art, please share it with us by tagging it with #Halloween. We are featuring tons of horror tattoos this week in honor of the holiday, and you're tattoo could make it into one of our festive posts. 

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