Dark Traditional by Henry Big

Dark Traditional by Henry Big

This tattooist's bold work will stand the test of time.

We've said it once (or one million times) and we'll say it again (or another one million times); you literally cannot go wrong with a bold, traditional tattoo. Bold will hold, you feel me?

While there are countless artists who labor under this principle, I'm going to take this opportunity to zero in on one in particular — Henry Big. Partially because he's super hot, but more importantly because his dark, traditional tattoos are just really fucking good.  

Tattooing out of Rain City Tattoo Collective in Manchester, England, Big is among pretty outstanding company. Working alongside the likes of Rich Hadley, Gre Hale & Cooley Tattooer — the bar is pretty high, and he's higher. That sounded way different than I intended, but we'll stick with it because it's almost the end of the day and I'm tired. I'm trying, okay?

The best thing about Big's tattoos, aside from the simple fact that they're flawlessly executed with clean lines and smooth shading, is the dark color palette. While we often see artists making beautiful traditional tattoos in the recognizable classic bright colors, Big sets himself apart with his use of muted shades. Deep greens, dark browns, muted reds, golden hues and the blackest blacks lend themselves in giving your regular 'ol traditional tattoo imagery a whole new feel. 

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