Dark Traditional Flash Tattoos by Daniel Pap

Dark Traditional Flash Tattoos by Daniel Pap

These are some dark tattoos when it comes to both ink and imagery.

Daniel Pap tattoos bold traditional pieces out of Skintastic Tattoo in Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia.

Pap's tattoos are a nice alternative to all the black and grey horror realism we often see. The artwork is bold, but with a subtle creepy vibe. Even something as simple as a traditional rose can look more ominous when tattooed with rich black ink.

When you want to steer clear of the usual traditional tattoos, go for something like a skull or vicious animals with sharp teeth or fangs, like bats, snakes and wolves. Add lots of black shading and you're on your way to a badass dark traditional flash tattoo. 

If this style is right up your alley, then you'll love Daniel Pap's tattoos!

For more by Daniel Pap, visit his instagram.

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