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Darkness Makes For Beautiful Forms: Blackwork Tattoos

Darkness Makes For Beautiful Forms: Blackwork Tattoos

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This collection of Blackwork Tattoos are bold, beautiful, and inspiring.

Blackwork tattoos are exactly what they sound like: all black, all day long. Some artists will use touches of grey or white ink to make details pop, but for the most part blackworkers use only black ink to create designs that are bold. They stand out, and sometimes use black to imbue super creepy dark art forms. Sometimes blackwork tattoos are tribal in nature, others are ornamental, but to be sure, this current style will last a lifetime. Artists continue to push blackwork tattoos to the next level. There's a lot of overlap when it comes to Blackwork...artists will incorporate watercolor techniques, striking graphic design aesthetic, and even antique woodblock characteristics. 

Some would say there are two types of people: the kind who will be covered by vivid colors and the kind that will stick to black and grey. Each type will tell you all the pros of both, but most will agree that black ink ages extremely well. Again, we always say to each their own....but black ink works on every skin type, and for almost every design. That being said, the person who is writing this is tattooed almost completely in blackwork tattoos, so maybe we're biased.

As with all of our daily selections of stand-out tattoos, these blackwork tattoos are meant to inspire you for your next piece. There are many artists and shops on our site that would love to give you your next favorite tattoo, and no matter where you are or what you're favorite style is we've got you. We hope that our collection exceeds your expectations and you find what you're looking for, but if for whatever reason your dream tattoo is out of reach let us know! We're here to help. Contact us on our Facebook page, or join our new Facebook community 'The Committed': we created it for ultimate lovers of tattoos just like you!

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