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Daydreams, Muses, and Nature Divine: Charming Art Nouveau Tattoos

Daydreams, Muses, and Nature Divine: Charming Art Nouveau Tattoos

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Art nouveau tattoos capture the romance of an era that ended long ago, but will continue to live on our skin.

The movement of Art Nouveau has inspired some of the greatest works of art in the history of mankind. With its fluid and organic filigree shapes that show nature to its best advantage, it delicately frames the muses and goddesses taken from the imagination of artists around the globe. These Art Nouveau tattoos are either directly inspired from the movement, or replicate incredible works from favorite artists long past such as Alphonse Mucha. You'll notice the graceful, floral notes that decorate each piece, and how each image seems to be a celebration of beauty and form.

Art Nouveau tattoos greatly influence Ornamental and Neo Traditional styles; patterns, flowers, lush details, and filigree are just some of the design motifs that may be incorporated to create pieces that are completely stunning. The Art Nouveau movement only lasted about twenty years, generating an awe-inspiring amount of artwork from architecture, to fashion, posters, poetry and more! The movement was at its full intensity between 1890 and 1910, and yet a century later it continues to motivate artists to create elegant works of their own including these marvelous tattoos. 

Tattoos are awesome because they bring together an astounding amount of art movements, styles, and inspirations to one collaborative art form that has an entire lifetime of its own. Artists will bring their own tattooing philosophy, inspirations and more to a piece, making it incredibly special! These Art Nouveau tattoos are a perfect example of tattoo artists being motivated by the past, but making each piece their own, and the clients own. Tattoos are personal art pieces that spark the imagination of everyone fortunate enough to view them. We hope this collection of ink continues to expand your view on what the art form of tattooing can encompass! Would you get an Art Nouveau tattoo? Let us know if you want to!

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