Dazzling Jewel Tattoos by Giulia Bongiovanni

Dazzling Jewel Tattoos by Giulia Bongiovanni

Tattoos don't sparkle quite like the jewel tattoos of Giulia Bongiovanni!

If you'd like some fancy ink then you've got to hit up Giulia Bongiovanni.

Neo traditional tattoo artist Giulia Bongiovanni has quite the reputation- she's a brilliant tattooer and is only getting better with every design she creates. Recognized for her clean, crisp neo traditional tattoos, Bongiovanni fills every design with bright colors and amazing detail. I especially love the highlights which give her tattoos great depth. Now while we could talk all day about Bongiovanni's tattoos we're here to take a special look at her jewel designs. 

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Finished with the same bright neo traditional style, Bongiovanni's jewel tattoos also hold a hint of 3D that really catches your eye. As life like as a diamond around your neck, the jewel tattoos of Bongiovanni are simply exquisite and a design you have to see!

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All images via Instagram.

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