Dead Set On Being Covered in Tattoos

Dead Set On Being Covered in Tattoos

Traveling chef and VICE star Matty Matheson adds to the growing collection of ink on his Skin Mountain.

“I’m Matty and I’m getting a tattoo in Melbourne and it sucks!” Matheson groans in the opening of this mini behind-the-scenes clip from Dead Set On Life. The larger-than-life traveling chef is a huge personality, of rising fame, and seeing him nude from the waist up is par for the course. On his recent trip to Melbourne, Australia, Matheson swung by Chapel Tattoo, continuing his goal to become entirely, utterly covered.

Matheson and his son post for Toronto Life. #MattyMatheson #VICE #DeadSetOnLife

Wandering into Jessica Swaffer’s station, Matheson is gonna grab himself “a lovely angel lady” tucked along that awfully tender side flesh where the stomach meets up with the ribs. It’s a rough spot, and Matheson makes sure we know it. The guy is covered in tattoos of all shapes and sizes and styles, and we get a nice tour of them before the two get started.

“Full time mom,” Matheson says as the camera zooms in on his waist. An illustrative pig mom with those words across her shoulders, with piglets feeding underneath her, is nestled right above his belt. “Take care of your fucking kids.”

The only way to eat macaroni. #MattyMatheson #VICE #DeadSetOnLife

“Are you crying?” Swaffer intones as Matheson winces. He rubs his face and gets that misty-eyed look we’ve all gotten before. You can be the most covered person in the world, and there are still gonna be some spots that just get you. 

“Getting a tattoo, you know, feels like a massage,” Matheson narrates while they finish up the angel. “Cause at the end of the massage you feel, you know, kind of fucked up, because it’s releasing the, uh, whatever the fuck it’s releasing.”

“Endorphins,” Swaffer offers off-camera.

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Some relaxing time on the water. #MattyMatheson #VICE #DeadSetOnLife

Matheson is known for his personality and his humor, and even in this shorter clip it shines through. He’s warm and funny, and his love for tattoos is, well, largely on display. He’s not just in a shop to show off, he’s obviously a frequent-flyer. His overall goal is to cover Skin Mountain, as he refers to his burly self, and it’s absolutely a show we’d watch. More clips of Matheson hanging out with our favorite artists, riffing on the art of tattoos please.

Watch the full clip on VICE Australia's Facebook channel.

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