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Dear Abby, A Letter For You: Beautiful Lettering Tattoos

Dear Abby, A Letter For You: Beautiful Lettering Tattoos

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Whether Old English, Calligraphic, or simple Helvetica, lettering tattoos will never go out of style. Unless it's comic sans.

Although perhaps when you think of lettering tattoos you immediately think either Old English font, or super intense and intricate calligraphic script, there are tons of different ways lettering tattoos can be done. It seems that many artists still stick to black and grey for their text tats, but there are a few here and there that do colorful renditions of quotes and things. Whatever quote you may hold closest to your heart, we're sure that these lettering tattoos will inspire you, and show that you can do a tattoo of this kind in a multitude of ways!

There are so many fonts out there, and graphic designers the world over are continually making new ones. Now, we hope you never get a comic sans lettering tattoo...unless it's a joke, or...we suppose, no judgement, just you're fave font. Also what would the Garfield cartoon be without comic sans, right? But there are so many different fonts, so many different quotes..we wonder if we had to get a lettering tattoo what would it be? And to be perfectly honest, we'd probably have to hit up Tattoodo Ambassador Delia Vico. Her calligraphic script is often inspired by Arabic designs, and has a gorgeous lilting and graceful aesthetic.

But then theres always the call to go Old School...there's a reason why Old English is still one of the most used fonts in lettering tattoos. It reads really well, ages like a fine wine, and looks brutal af. Now, when it comes to the quote, to be perfectly honest...many of us here at Tattoodo have quotes from our favorite songs. Lana Del Rey is a favorite, as our some of our favorite punks bands, metal bands and seems to be a good go to, right? But there are so many words in the could literally cover your body in lettering tattoos and look sick as hell!

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