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Death Surely Becomes You: Skull Tattoos

Death Surely Becomes You: Skull Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Skull tattoos are a brutal way of saying that you don't give a f*** about impending doom.

It could be called nihilism, or an obsession with death, or just a love of all things iconic in tattoo symbology, but skull tattoos are definitely a very common, and very badass, tattoo. They can be found in all forms, and in many different spots, and usually accompanied by other really sweet things like lady heads, martini glasses, cigarettes, and, of course, weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps mash ups are some of our favorite forms of skull tattoos. There are a few artists here who put spiders and skulls together creating some sort of monster weirdo skullider. We're down.

Another design motif we found repeated while collecting these awesome skull tattoos was skulls with snakes. Which is interesting since in many cultures serpents are actually thought of as wise protectors...somehow in the Western world they turned sly and death oriented...we thinks perhaps this may have to do with the creationist myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Eve gets beguiled by the devil in reptile form and is forever cast from the beautiful fortress of love. So maybe that's why skull tattoos get adorned with snakes, and maybe why snakes get a bad wrap from some folks. Regardless, it still looks sick.

If you were to get a skull tattoo what would it be? Some of us here at the office have skull is a skull turned upside down so as to make room for a potted plant. Sort of makes sense considering all things die and grow into another thing. Did you know that you can actually be made into a tree after you die? They're these things called Bio Urns...a biodegradable urns that turns you into perfect fertilizer. Now imagine you had a skull tattoo turned tree. Pretty funky, huh? The world is your oyster whatcha want.

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