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Death to the Old Me: Tombstone Tattoos

Death to the Old Me: Tombstone Tattoos

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We hope those 2019 New Year's Resolutions are going well. Here's some tombstone tattoos to celebrate the death of all our bad habits.

New year, new you? We get it. We are also totally on that wagon. As we bid goodbye to 2018, we look forward to 2019 with new goals to make our life better and brighter. And if you think you're the only one, don't fret. Forbes says that around 40% of Americans make New Years Resolutions, but only about 8% actually stick to them. Statistic site Statista states, "the most common aspirations for the coming year in the U.S. are to eat healthier, get more exercise and to save more money." Those lofty goals put the pressure on...but we're in it to win it! Hence, these super cute tombstone tattoos that symbolize the death of the old me. 

Now, you may have heard that ultra-successful people (like Oprah Winfrey) don't make New Year's Resolutions. And that's totally cool. Except, we don't have unlimited funds, accountants, three secretaries, full time dietitians and work out coaches, as well as a live in chef. So, ya know...we'd probs kill it with a support team like that too no matter the day of the year. We also get that to create change, it's about constant evolution and waking up each day to a fresh start....regardless if it's New Years or not. But perhaps the best advice to go along with that, is to be kind to yourself. And understanding. Lest these tombstone tattoos actually symbolize your early death thanks to a stress induced heart attack.

Baby steps! That's all we're sayin'! Maybe your goal is to hit the gym 5 days a week...but how about also congratulate yourself for making it at least once, when in 2018 you had a gym membership but didn't even step foot inside it, or near it, for the entire year. It's about the small victories for sure. And our favorite piece from this selection of tombstone tattoos says it all, "Here Lies My Negativity". Thems are powerful words, Ross K Jones. Gotta keep up that PMA if we're gonna make it through another year at all.

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