Deborah Cherrys Loves Animals and You Should Too

Deborah Cherrys Loves Animals and You Should Too

Or you should at least love her depictions of 'em.

Sometimes, it's not about the what, it's about the how. Car detailing, painting, interior decoration, tattoos — there are some basic plans to follow, some groundwork to lay, to make these things, you know, work. But once you've got the basics, it's not what you did, it's how you did it, and neo-traditional artist Deborah Cherrys has got the what and the how.

If you're a tattoo aficianado who digs on the bright colors and multiple line weights of neo-traditional stylin', Cherrys has your back. She knows her way around a proper color fade, and she's not ashamed to combine elements from several motifs to make a finished piece. (Plus, this Madrid-based bad-ass is gonna be guest-spotting in California in January... Plan accordingly.)

Cherrys doesn't just rock animals, but her animals are pretty fucking cute. She brings her solid line work and reflection, refraction color quality to classic characters and celebrities as well. 

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Her work is playful. Look at the side-eye on that cute bun! By lining her imagery with varying black line weights, and then following up with those touches of white line, she's created a POP to the art that's become the signifier of the neo-traditional style. 

Cherrys has an active Instagram, and fun Facebook, and a really detailed Website. Check out all three, and follow her tour schedule to snag some neo-traditional animal love.

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