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Deconstructing The World's Greatest Star Wars/America Tattoo

Deconstructing The World's Greatest Star Wars/America Tattoo

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This man loved nothing more in this world than the USA and Star Wars... then something changed his world forever.

Designing the perfect back tattoo is a painstaking process. Not only do you have to come up with a ton of different elements that will fill the entire space, but you also need to be careful to pay homage only to the things that are most important to you in life. This tattoo is going to be on your entire back, this isn’t the kind of thing that you half-ass.

Upon viewing a well done back piece we want nothing more to get inside the head of the person whose idea has come to life in the form of beautiful art, so we tracked down the owner of the glorious tattoo above and had a conversation with Mr. Lucas Boussh.

Tattoodo: Can you tell us the general theme of your backpiece?
Lucas Boussh: I had been saving and planning it for years. It was going to pay tribute to the only two things that matter in my life, The U S of A and Star Wars. Then my goddamn girlfriend Leah got pregnant…

So including Courtney was an afterthought?
Man, Courtney as a whole was an afterthought. I thought Leah was on the pill. But you know, I ain’t like Anakin, I’m gonna stick around and raise my child. So I had to save for another 10 years, but that just let me incorporate my whole life story into all the imagery.

A close up on parts of the epic back tattoo.

Let’s start with the Death Star. Why did you decide to depict it while it was being destroyed?
That’s what you call a metaphor. See, my dick was basically Luke’s X-Wing, and the Death Star is basically my girlfriend’s pussy. Except in this scenario the photon torpedoes took 9 months to blow shit up, but blow it up it did. And out came my daughter.

That’s… thoughtful. Can you tell us about the hands and the ankh in the middle?
The what?

The ankh. The symbol between the two hands.
That’s a cross. Like the one Jesus died on, you heathen.

Actually, it’s an Egyptian symbol of….
It’s a cross. Wanna fight about it?

This is what a cross looks like, for the record.

Moving on… the hands, I’m guessing the small one is your daughter’s and the large one is yours.
Nah. It ain’t all about her. That’s my girlfriend’s hands. She got one of dem lil’ hands that never got as big as the other. My tattooer did a real good job depicting how fucked up her index finger is. It really creeps me out, but I like how it looks as a tattoo.

And it’s with these hands and, uh, cross, that you chose to celebrate America with. Why?
What do you do when you think about how America is the best country in the world? You high five someone. What do you do when you think about how being a Christian is the greatest thing in the world? You high five someone. And when you think about the Rebels blowing up the fucking Death Star? Goddamn right you high-five someone. Now Leah is gonna be high-fiving me about all this rad shit every day of my life.

Goddamn that's glorious.

Which finally brings us to the bottom where you have the words “Daughter, Country, Star Wars.” Now, we already know how much you love these three things, but why the zebra stripe font for “Star Wars?”
Man, I’m so sick of hearing this. Those aren’t tiger stripes… it’s hyperspace. You know, like how it looks from inside the Falcon?

Well, alright then. That’s cool. Thanks for telling us about your back piece, any last words you want to leave for the Tattoodo audience?
Yeah. If you want to get a sweet back piece and you have finally saved up enough money to do it, go and get that today. Not tomorrow, today. Or else you might end up accidentally having a kid and being forced to put all this lame sentimental garbage into a killer Star Wars tattoo….

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

Likes: writing, baseball, dumplings, American Traditional tattoos, punk rock. Dislikes: kale, things that look like kale and words that rhyme with kale. Managing Editor @tattoodo

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