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Decorative & Feminine Blackwork  by Watsun Atkinsun

Decorative & Feminine Blackwork by Watsun Atkinsun

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Nine Linear and Ornamental Beauties

Ornamental work is fascinating, mainly in that it’s difficult to pinpoint the artist’s exact inspiration for the piece. Are they figments of the artist’s imagination, or perhaps intricately planned out patterns that take incredible precision and skill, or maybe it’s some sort of cathartic practice that doubles as both decoration and release. Either way, artist Watsun Atkinsun has taken ornamental tattoos to a whole new level.

Using a traditional machine, Atkinsun tattoos maze-like ornamental designs with incredible precision and accuracy. Alternating between intentionally rough lines that have a very organic feel to them, and very fine, delicate lines that add an element of femininity throughout his work, the result is an incredibly beautiful ornamental piece that’s both abstract as well as thought provoking. Indeed, certain elements of his work are, at their core, abstract, but there are also underlying elements that suggest the cosmos or astrological charts are tremendous influences in his work, with moons and vectors that are reminiscent of star charts of the night sky. Then again, we could just be reading waaaaaaay too into this, and Atkinsun could just be making incredibly beautiful doodles. Either way, we’re buying whatever he’s selling.

To see more of Atkinsun’s work, visit his Instagram.

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