Decorative Underboob Artistry by Angelika Ferrous

Decorative Underboob Artistry by Angelika Ferrous

Who likes underboob tattoos? The answer is everyone. Everyone does.

Underboob tattoos are incredibly popular, and their inherently ornamental nature is definitely one of the main causes behind the surge. These decorative pieces are a nice addition to any boobs, rib cage, torso. I mean, who would have ever thought you could improve upon boobs?

Angelika Ferrous is one of the absolute best tattoo artists in this field, and once you see her work, you'll realize that boobs have needed this upgrade for a long time. It's time for Boobs 2.0.

Look, I'm just as unhappy about typing that sentence as you are reading it.

The delicate line work in Ferrous' tattoos are what make these ornamental pieces so pretty. The refined, dainty lines, the careful, symmetrical detailing — all this makes for some pretty sweet embellishment.

If you want to get one of Ferrous' tender tattoos, you'll have to travel all the way out to the Ukraine though. Don't worry, Ferrous has been known to do guest spots at studios across Europe.

Follow Angelika on Instagram is you like. She's got a ton more ornamental pieces where these came from.

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