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Defenders of the Forest: Jungle Cat Tattoos

Defenders of the Forest: Jungle Cat Tattoos

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

These jungle cat tattoos show the wild thing within, that which will kill all offenders and protect the primeval forest.

We see tons of lions, tigers, and bears (oh my), and we totally dig that you're into forest creatures, desert dwellers, and all..but today we decided to shine some light on jungle cat tattoos in particular. It leaves a lot of wiggle room for interpretation...image telling your artist you want a jungle cat leaves it so open! You could get a tiger, panther, lions, bobcats...or a super weird psychedelic mix of all of them together. It's all about finding that artist who takes your idea and creates something totally perfect and different just for you.

So check these jungle cat tattoos out...they range from traditional to illustrative...super colorful or simple line work. We just tried to bring all the cool kitties together to show you all the weird ways you could go. In particular, check out Raro82's piece...theres a pink panther surfing out of the mouth of a weird wormhole panther head eating a Spongebob Squarepants acid tab. Pretty wild. You sometimes gotta ask, how the hell did they think these things up?? Or you could go with El Dragon's beautifully regal Lynx. We also just love lynxes. Those kitty kats are p special.

We hope you enjoy these jungle cat tattoos and that they give you a little inspiration for your next piece. We're always trying to show you ink that is of the highest quality and produced by artists who truly care about their clients. You can check out our app which holds an extensive archive of incredible images to help you find the perfect design, artist or shop. Maybe you'll find the best artist for your next ink in a place far far away...what an awesome excuse to travel! And of course, we hope that you'll share your work with us...we want to see who you love if we ain't already in the know!

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