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Delicate Black & Grey Tattoos by Kane Trubenbacher

Delicate Black & Grey Tattoos by Kane Trubenbacher

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Small yet highly detailed tattoos by a master of black and grey.

Kane Trubenbacher produces some of the most exquisite tiny black and grey tattoos in the industry. His fine line-work, subtle shading, and excellent intuition for placement make for stunning little pieces of body art. Check out this array of his little yet stunning tattoos.

His small yet hyper-detailed black and grey tattoos look incredibly charming when placed right below Adam's apples. Sometimes neck tattoos can seem too ostentatious, but Trubenbacher's are so delicate that they are utterly disarming when positioned on this prominent portion of the body. 

As one can tell by the preceding photos, Trubenbacher specializes in imagery like butterflies and roses. His graceful lines and soft shading brings out the elegance of such figures, and the small scale that he works in highlights their gentleness.

Trubenbacher's small black and grey pieces are great for sternum tattoos, especially on ladies. The delicacy of his approach to black and grey work compliments female collectors' feminine beauty. What's more is that some of these pieces exhibit his more intense iconography, such as scorpions and switchblades. Also, as can be seen by the cross and sacred heart tattoos, his style is great for smaller religiously themed body art.

We hope you enjoyed this sample from Trubenbacher's excellent portfolio. If you want to see more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram. Unfortunately, he is not tattooing at the moment, but if you're interested finding other artists who work in black and grey to get some awesome ink, check out this recent article.

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