Delicate Blackwork Tattoos by Shanna Keyes

Delicate Blackwork Tattoos by Shanna Keyes

If you're looking for an artist who offers elegance, style and precision in their work then Shanna Keyes is the one.

Shanna Keyes has a refined blackwork style you're sure to love. 

The dotwork and blackwork master currently tattoos from Pens and Needles, and is quickly becoming one of the finest contemporary blackwork artists in the game. With a delicate touch Keyes tattoos are filled with subtle details and classy character, from miniature landscapes to pocket sized mandalas. 

Proving a woman's touch is what some tattoos need, Keyes is an artist to admire and her work speaks for itself. Clean, crisp and near flawless the blackwork tattoos of Keyes prove contemporary tattooing still has a lot to offer. 

All photos from Keyes' Instagram!

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