Delicate Illustrative Black Ink Tattoos by Sandra Cunha

Delicate Illustrative Black Ink Tattoos by Sandra Cunha

This artist creates pure magic using nothing more than raw talent, a tattoo machine, and black ink.

It's foolhardy to mistake simplicity for a lack of skills. Few things prove this point in a stronger manner than the tattoos of Sandra Cunha. The Brazilian based artist doesn't need a full spectrum of colors or a ton of shading to create beautiful tattoos filled with depth and details. With a creative mind, a steady hand, and boring old black ink Cunha builds entire scenes that captivate the imagination. Don't believe us? Then check out her sensational portfolio below. 

Just take a second to look at the texture of the skull above. You can almost imagine the way it would feel if you were holding it in your hand, pondering the meaning of existence much like our friend Hamlet. Using almost the same method of shading, Cunha is able to express the delicate nature of the flowers surrounding the skull. 

That snake looks dangerous! Watch out! The way the serpent is intertwined among itself in this tattoo is quite a wonder. They truly are fascinating creature and it is easy to understand how they became a muse of artists — both in tattooing and other media — for centuries. 

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The way that the future was depicted back in the 1960s and 70s was whimsical in a manner that our more cynical day and age can't quite convey. Cunha's rendition of a campy space babe is a throwback to that era. It makes you want to get in a capsule and head for the great unknown of space, doesn't it?  

See? After perusing the impressive portfolio of Sandra Cunha you will never mistake simplicity for incompetence every again. To see more of her marvelous illustrative black ink tattoos be sure to check out her Instagram. 

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