Delicate & Minimalistic Tattoos by Bru Simoes

Delicate & Minimalistic Tattoos by Bru Simoes

Simoes' Fine-Lined Beauties Create Another Form of Access to the Tattoo Community

One of the greatest things about minimalistic, fine-lined tattoos is that it’s brought an accessibility of sorts to the tattoo world. Getting your first tattoo can be a daunting task. There’s a certain quality that’s a bit intimidating to the whole process, whether it be finding the right artist, the perfect studio, deciding on a design — the list goes on and on. Fine-lined, minimalist tattoos have brought a new entrance to the tattoo community in a way that few styles have. The style beckons souls from all walks of life, and whether it be the subtlety, delicacy, or overall aesthetic, we can all agree that a growing tattoo community is a positive thing.

Using the thinnest of needles, artist Bru Simoes’ work is the epitome of fine-lined minimalism. Developing her own uniquely illustrative style, her subjects mainly include women, flowers, and geometric work. Opting for mainly working with black ink and using color very sparingly, her work is incredibly inviting. One look at Simoes’ work, and it’s no surprise why she’s amassed a cult-like following. Her work is incredibly charming.

You can see more of Simoes’ work on her Instagram.

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