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Delicate Wrist Work by Tati Compton

Delicate Wrist Work by Tati Compton

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All of these little beauties are hand-poked.

If you like small, minimalist tattoos, then this lady's illustrations are perfect for you. Tati Compton makes hand-poked body art that's teeny tiny and delicate but not too dainty in its miniature proportions. Some of her tattoos are purely fine lines and dot work that come together to create pleasurable spreads of abstraction. Others are more illustrative, depicting animals, celestial bodies, and even landscapes. Just try to not fall in love with these tiny yet profound wrist tattoos.

Compton's approach to tattooing is largely homegrown. In an interview with i-D from a while back, she talked about how she found her way to tattooing. "My friends in SF were doing stick 'n' pokes, so that's when I first became interested in doing them, as we would do them on ourselves quite often," she said. "I learned how to stick 'n' poke from my best friend, who I think learned it from the Internet." Since then, she has made a name for herself doing these minimalist yet lovely little pieces of body art, especially the Gothic ones that draw influence from the occult and other mystic sources.

Some of Compton's wrist tattoos are completely abstracted, featuring only dots, asterisks, plus signs, and vectors that make up ornate patterns. For as lacking in detail as her style is, her tiny landscapes are surprisingly majestic with their minute mountain ranges, crescent moons, and rising suns. Speaking of the moon, her pieces that depict the various lunar phases are incredible. It's such a simple but powerful motif that sums up so much about our perspective of the solar system.

A lovely pair of Tati Compton's hand-poked wrist tattoos (IG—taticompton). #blacktattoo #handpoked #TatiCompton #wristtattoo

If you'd like to see more of Compton's charming hand-poked tattoos, make sure to stop by her Instagram. She tattoos at Sang Bleu in Las Angeles, CA should you desire some of her exquisite work. 

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