Delightful Cat Tattoos by Iris Lys

Delightful Cat Tattoos by Iris Lys

Cat tattoos don't get anymore charming than the delightful tattoos of Iris Lys!

As it says on her Instagram tattoo artist Iris Lys is a 'Cattooer' who 'F*KING LOVE CATS'. So is it any surprise that Lys tattoos some of the coolest cat tattoos around?! Done in a cool traditional style Lys' tattoos are charming, sweet and totally awesome. Not only do they show her love of all things but they make a brilliant little tattoo that can be personalized in any way you want! From cats in hats to cats doing yoga Lys' tattoos have it all!

The cat tattoos of Iris Lys have to be shared and appreciated in all their glory, so sit back and feel those feline vibes with these delightful tattoos! Be sure to show Lys some love over on Instagram and keep up to date with her awesome work!!

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