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Delightfully Realistic Songbirds by Vic Vivid

Delightfully Realistic Songbirds by Vic Vivid

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Screw the cold! It's spring all year long with this talented color portraitist's tattoos of little birdies.

Vic Vivid is one of the best color realists working in the US. Though all of his tattoos kick ass, some of the most compelling pieces from his vibrant body of work are those that draw from the greatest muse of all time — nature. Today, (probably because we hate how winter's at our doorstep) we decided to put together a virtual conservancy's worth of his delightful tattoos of songbirds. So, if you like birdwatching, you're in luck, because you won't even need your binoculars to get a good look at the gorgeous details on these petite winged members from the animal kingdom. They'll make your heart flutter. 

Although their larger more predatory cousins seem to dominate other genres of body art (how many traditional eagle tattoos have you seen for example?), Vivid shows how the gentler species of birds are better for color portraiture. Not only are Vivid's illustrations of these chirpy creatures picture perfect, highlighting natural color schemes, but his immense skill as an artist truly shows in the way that he makes the backgrounds look slightly out of focus, almost as if staring through a camera lens. Eat your heart out Nation Geographic. 

As far as our favorite tattoos of smaller birds that Vivid makes, it's a toss up between his hummingbirds and the ones accompanied by other elegant imagery like anchors, flowers, and even heart-shaped lockets. There's just something so fitting about body art of hummingbirds. Maybe it is because they seem to stay so still, almost like tattoos, hovering in the air? Also they tend to have some of the most elaborate color palettes of all the avian lifeforms in nature, which allows him to embellish them with incredibly playful chroma. All of his birds look majestic when in their element, especially when perched nearby or surrounded by flora.

The cutest little birdie on a locket ever by by Vic Vivid (IG—vicvivid). #bluebird #color #flowers #heart #locket #realism #songbirds #VicVivid

If you want to see more of his astoundingly realistic work, follow the birdsong on over to his Instagram. Also, we recently showcased a dozen roses' worth of his tattoos should you like flowers, too. Lastly, he works out of Basilica Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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