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Deno's Signature Psychedelic Whale Tattoos

Deno's Signature Psychedelic Whale Tattoos

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Here's a whale of a tattoo post for you.

Deno is an excellent traditional tattooist and is quite well-known for his importation of his unique street-art style into the world of tattoos. Though all of his work is as excellent as it is captivating, one motif in particular sticks out of the water — his kaleidoscopic and sometimes cheeky whale tattoos. He artistically expounds on the natural features of these massive mammals of the sea to create visually stunning pieces of body art. So if you want your mind blown, come on a whale hunt with us through this pod's worth of trippy tattoos.

Any seasoned sailor can tell just how visionary of an artist Deno is by the fact that he found inspiration in the form of whales. In nature, these creatures are far less colorful though their scale does make them majestic. It's interesting that he saw their large bodies as an opportunity for rich artistic embellishment. He uses their shape as a canvas to illustrate what is probably best described as a psychedelic or surreal experience. Looking at his crazy illustrations of these lumbering aquatic animals is comparable to taking a hearty dose of LSD and then going whale watching, which sounds like lots of fun but probably isn't safe in the least bit. 

The best part about Deno's signature whale tattoos is how he expresses his sense of humor through them sometimes. Occasionally, these humpbacks and sperm whales are depicted as wearing top hats or being ridden by cats. The ones that are paired with skulls, however, are the coolest. We love how he positions this iconic piece of skeletal imagery as being caught in their baleen, cradled by their flippers, or blasted into the air with water from their blowholes, which interestingly enough sometimes spout rainbows, too.

A whale wearing a motorcycle helmet by Deno (IG—denotattoo). #Deno #streetart #surreal #traditional #trippy #whale

Should you want to see more of Deno's street-art inspired trippy traditional tattoos, swim on over to his Instagram. He tattoos at Seven Doors in London as well as Circus Tattoos in Madrid if you want a psychedelic whale tattoo to surface on your skin.

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